A new district is planned between Nydalasjön (the lake of Nydala) and E4 motorway, with a mix of businesses and around 3,000 homes. The development of Tomtebo strand is at a stage where vision is in transition into planning and implementation. The area will take several years to build and it will develop in stages.


What's happening right now?

During 2018 and so far in 2019, many studies and investigations have been carried out regarding, for example, soil conditions, natural value inventories, stormwater, noise, car pools, traffic, public transport etc. The sustainability program that was developed in 2017 is also being updated. The dialogue with residents has begun. Read more under ”Co-Creation”. A so-called structural plan for the area has been drawn up. A structural plan roughly shows how green corridors, major roads and blocks, parks and more should be placed. How the stages in the development should be planned has been initiated. After the summer, the work on the detailed development plan will begin in a more concrete way.