The development of Tomtebo Strand is a member initiative from the Network for Sustainable Construction and Real Estate Management, which started in June 2016. As one national company expressed it in a recurring members’ meeting to the coordinator;

“It would be nice if our CEO could come to Umeå to inaugurate a sustainable building project instead of always going to other parts of Sweden”.

From this was born the idea to invite a number of members who are also national players to an initial meeting. This was based on national players possessing experience and knowledge of other sustainability projects in Sweden that can be used in Umeå. The following members were invited: HSB, NCC, Peab, Riksbyggen and Skanska.

During the autumn of 2016, this constellation worked together with the network coordinator to establish a concept where the premise was the vision and;

“In what way can we, as members of the network, contribute in making Umeå world leaders?”

To best contribute to the network’s vision, the Tomtebo Strand district was proposed. The five national players agreed that the objective of the Tomtebo Strand development was to establish a sustainability program that engages and leads to a sustainable urban development.

This is to be achieved through Sweden Green Buildings’ methodology Citylab as well as with our collective knowledge (local and national) of urban planning, residential construction and sustainable solutions. The idea is for this methodology to be used in Umeå’s future efforts to develop the town. Within the framework in which Network for Sustainable Construction and Real Estate Management lies, the focus is on learning. Members will be able to follow the process of establishing a sustainability programme as well as its implementation.

Sustainability, collaboration and learning are three cornerstones of the project. Tomtebo Strand is to be on the cutting edge of sustainable construction and future living. To achieve this, we must collect all our forces and experiences concerning the development of the neighbourhood from a number of sustainable aspects. During this project, we shall create a new method of working where the common goal is important, even if each party naturally is responsible for their own part of it. The project will thereby also create a learning process for how we must work to create housing of the future even once Tomtebo Strand has been completed.