Tomtebo Strand is surrounded by nature but is also close to large, dynamic areas of work and the town centre. The Kolbäcken brook winds its way through the residential area and you will find many meeting places, pleasant streets and lush courtyards here. Tomtebo Strand creates the conditions for community, social responsibility, activity, hustle and bustle. The residents of Tomtebo Strand will feel pride and a sense of community – over their lifestyle and living environment. It’s easy and a matter of course to maintain a sustainable lifestyle here. People socialise across generations with varying cultural backgrounds, varying financial conditions and they live in different types of accommodation. The residents take responsibility for their common areas and facilities, and look after each other. Here, you can manage your daily life in place, feel secure and not be dependent on a car. You’ll want to stay here.

Tomtebo Strand is a neighbourhood that through its sustainable profile attracts both private and professional visitors locally, nationally and internationally. Research and job opportunities are created and the neighbourhood becomes an inspiration for other residential areas, not just in Umeå.

Tomtebo Strand is being developed by the Municipality of Umeå, interested parties and the inhabitants in close cooperation. That is why we will achieve much more than if we each worked individually. We have developed a unique working model where we ensure a long-term perspective and safeguard the environment as well as sustainability for the people that live there.

Together, we can create a neighbourhood that gets together and stays together, for a long time.

Types of accommodation
Tomtebo Strand is to be characterised by diversity. That’s why so many different types of accommodation are needed. Each builder will present their chosen solution as and when the plans are completed.