Co-creation for sustainable solutions

For several years, a co-creative process will be carried out with the aim of engaging, collaborating and obtaining a broad knowledge base for the development of a new sustainable district. We will use several different methods to get the basis for the detailed development plan and discuss the sustainable living environment and lifestyle of the future from an ecological, social and economic perspective.

Co-creative meetings

There will be workshops and meetings throughout the process. See the documentation from the workshop on June 4, 2019.

The “Dialogue-site” in the forest

At the junction Olle Fiskares väg / Carlskroken there is a gathering place for participation. Welcome to answer the dialogue questions there. We will also carry out activities on site. Here is the dialogue site (link to Google).

On June 16, it was a Dialogue Day at the site. See the documentation on the Umeå municipality’s website.

The web –

Here, on the portal web, we present information about the project. From here you can submit comments, answer dialogue questions and more. On Umeå municipality’s project website you can find more information:

The Municipality Corner

The “municipality corner” in the city library Väven, there are opportunities to follow processes in an exhibition on wheels. There you can get information, answer questions and submit comments.

Everyone should find their favorite place!

Tomtebo strand becomes a new district in Umeå where everyone should find their favorite place! Tomtebo strand will also become a tourist destination. You can help us achieve this by answering a number of questions. It will be input for our planning. And we will also give you an ”own result”. Curious?

Current dialogue issues

We always have a number of dialogue issues that are relevant in dialogue places, the municipalilty corner and on the web. See the results of the dialogue questions during November 2018 –  May 2019.

Below you will find the questions that are relevant now.

Would you like to receive invitations to co-create?

Tomtebo beach will be created with great participation by the Umeå residents, among others. Click here to report your interest in getting information and invitations to dialogue.