The foundation on which the entire development of Tomtebo Strand is built is the common process. The ambition to be world leaders is based on the efforts with, and the realisation of, a sustainable programme. Within the framework in which Network for Sustainable Construction and Real Estate Management lies, the focus is on learning. Members will be able to follow the process of establishing a sustainability programme as well as its implementation. The aim is for it to be used in future projects in Umeå as well as the rest of Sweden.

Everyone must look at the whole picture in order to achieve these high-level goals. And in order to grasp the whole picture, the players involved must combine all the forces, knowledge and experience that is available, both locally and nationally. A knowledge of dialogues with those living here would be a factor for success. We create new ways of working where a common vision is the starting point and where each player takes responsibility for their part of the project. Such a method of working will thereby also create a learning process for how the market must work to create the housing of the future even once Tomtebo Strand has been completed. Sustainability, collaboration, evaluation and learning are important catchwords in this work.

“Together, we must put sustainability to the forefront and agree on what we want – then the business models will form and we can find win-win solutions between private and public instances.”

– Players in the Network for Sustainable Construction