For Umeå

The development of Tomtebo Strand is part of Umeå’s growth strategy in which the goal of 200,000 inhabitants by 2050 forms the starting point for the urban planning. With this population, Umeå will become the self-evident Capital of northern Sweden with a rich and exciting urban lifestyle. In order for the town to grow, there is a need for more inhabitants, housing and workplaces but above all Umeå must become an attractive place to move to.

It will be a challenge to plan for extensive growth while steering development towards a long-term sustainable town from an ecological, social and economic perspective. Part of the growth strategy concerns compacting, what we have called the “five kilometre town”. As far as possible, Umeå’s growth should be concentrated to a radius of five km from the town centre and the university area. This will result in a town with a high degree of availability without the need for extensive transport solutions. A well-defined and clear town boundary contributes to a long-term and desirable compacting of Umeå.

A compact town with many different functions and short geographic distances reduces the need of transport and turns walking and cycling into competitive modes of transport. Here we can locate residences, workplaces, services and entertainment, and develop the town towards sustainability.

Public spaces become all the more important in a compact town. The public spaces will be designed to provide attractive, safe and adventurous places and thoroughfares with spaces for recreation and greenery. There is life and movement day and night.

A sustainable town can only be built together with those who will live there. All planning should be permeated by openness, democracy and equality. We shall develop the town and public spaces so that everybody, women and men, children, young people and the infirm can be there on equal terms. This will result in a town for all.