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Welcoming the future of living

Tomtebo strand in Umeå is a new sustainable neighborhood for people, housing, and businesses. It's an area near Nydalasjön and the natural surroundings of Kolbäcken, which warmly welcomes you to the future. The neighborhood is being developed with innovation and care to facilitate a simple and sustainable life.

Winter Fun at Tomtebo strand

During the sports break, we organized a family day at the upcoming Sjöparken on Tomtebo strand. Watch the video and hear organizers and visitors talk about Winter Fun at Tomtebo strand.

People are standing outside the preschool, next to the forest.

Find the right

Two parents holding a newborn baby


For those who wish to rent a flat, there are many different options available. Living in rented housing means that you pay a monthly fee, which includes maintenance, repairs and services.

Rent a home
A part of a house.


If you choose to buy a tenant owned apartment, you will find that there are many different housing projects to choose from. This also gives you a certain amount of freedom because you can choose how you want to decorate and change your home.

Buying a home
A girl stands behind the cashier counter holding two cups of coffee.


Tomtebo Strand will offer a wide range of non-residential premises. Both for offices and for commercial businesses, such as cafes, restaurants and other services.

Working in the area

A new district is born

Karta Tomtebostrand Umea ENG

Phase 1

In the first phase, approximately 900 residences are planned, including rental apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and commercial spaces. A new fire station, preschool, and the neighborhood park Sjötorget, which will serve as the entrance to Nydalasjön and Sjöparken, are also being constructed.

Phase 2

The second phase is expected to start in early 2032 and it contains some 1,000 residential homes with several parks such as Sjötorget, Kaninhålet, Kolbäckskogen and Vättarnas park.

Aerial view over Tomtebo strand, showing the planned locations of all buildings and blocks

A collaborative project

Tomtebo strand is being designed to welcome the future and meet tomorrow’s opportunities. 

In order to do this in the best way, the neighborhood has been carefully crafted through a unique collaboration. Umeå Municipality, together with several construction companies and municipal enterprises, has explored various solutions and taken a comprehensive approach related to sustainability. The vision is to create a neighborhood at the international forefront of sustainability, where residents feel proud, engaged, and want to stay for life

At Tomtebo Strand, you should be able to...

Socialize with your neighbors

Do you know your neighbor? Tomtebo Strand will offer many places to meet and socialize with neighbors and friends.

Be close to nature

Kaninhålet, Kolbäcken, and Nydalasjön – here, there are many natural experiences to enjoy, whether you want to be active or recharge your batteries.

Travel easily and sustainably

At Tomtebo Strand, it should be easy to get around, whether by bus, bicycle, or on foot, whether you're heading to the city center, the gym, or work.

Use smarter solutions

Borrow tools, book bicycles, or pick up food bags at the hub. Here, wastewater is recycled to provide heat in winter and cooling in summer.

Influence your situation

Keep track of your energy consumption, be part of developing the area, or grow your own vegetables. There's a lot to do here for those who want to.

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