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A group of individuals in the forest at the Dialogue Spot of Tomtebo strand

A new way of working

Tomtebo Strand is an international model for sustainable urban development and a conscious lifestyle. To achieve this, we have developed a new way of working based on Citylab. We call it the Tomtebo Strand model. Together, we go beyond traditional planning models and involve all stakeholders at all levels.

The image shows an illustration of the Tomtebo strand model

Model of Tomtebo strand

In brief, the model involves using vision-driven planning, co-creation, and learning as cornerstones, with a long-term and holistic approach, to create sustainability on multiple levels. The idea is that this methodology can be applied in Umeå's future efforts to develop the city.

Aerial view over Tomtebo strand.

Collaboration at all levels is a key success factor

Sustainability, collaboration and learning are three cornerstones of the project. Tomtebo Strand is to be on the cutting edge of sustainable construction and future living. To achieve this, we must collect all our forces and experiences concerning the development of the neighbourhood from a number of sustainable aspects.

During this project, we shall create a new method of working where the common goal is important, even if each party naturally is responsible for their own part of it. The project will thereby also create a learning process for how we must work to create housing of the future even once Tomtebo Strand has been completed.

The Tomtebo Strand model is developed based on Citylab*. Read more about the Tomtebo Strand model in the description: Tomtebo Strand Model HÅP (pdf).

*) Citylab – a guide for sustainable construction. Citylab is a forum for sustainable urban development, operated by the Sweden Green Building Council.