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An aerial view over Tomtebo Beach with illustrated buildings and blocks.

Happening at the moment

The detailed plan for Tomtebo Strand has been legally established. The plan was adopted by the Municipal Council on December 18, 2023, and came into legal effect in early 2024. For more information about the detailed plan, visit

In the timeline, you can follow the development of Tomtebo Strand, see what milestones have been achieved and also what is going to happen in the future.


Start of construction phase 2

The first phase is expected to take approximately 5 years to build. After this, Phase 2 will begin with 900 flats. It is estimated that development of the entire Tomtebo Strand area with 3,000 residential homes will take some 15-20 years.

First move-in

The first residents are expected to move in during 2027.

Start of construction phase 1

900 residential homes are planned in the first phase

Start of infrastructure construction

Assuming the detailed development plan is adopted in 2023, construction of the road infrastructure is planned to start in 2024.

The detailed plan becomes legally binding

The detailed plan becomes legally binding on January 14, 2024.

Detailed development plan under review

Local residents are invited to comment. Read the detailed development plan. 

Detailed development plan submitted for consultation

Local residents are invited to comment.

Dialogplatsen gets a bookcase

In the bookcase, you can leave or pick up a book to read. The bookcase will encourage sharing. There are also beds made from pallets where you can lie and read in the forest.

Opening of the Dialogue site

About a hundred people are invited: municipalities, stakeholders, companies, etc. The municipal council gives a speech and everyone is offered hot chocolate. Sculptor Jögge Sundqvist has created Frösit to symbolise the start of something that will eventually develop and grow. Just like the district itself.

Development of the sustainability program

The municipality's politicians decide that a sustainability program will be drafted according to Sweden Building's Citylab methodology. With the combined knowledge of all stakeholders (local and national) on urban planning, building housing and sustainable solutions, the journey of creating a world-class district begins. The program will ensure that the area is sustainably developed. This applies to everything, from the infrastructure to the houses in the area. Sustainability program, Citylab.

The municipality decides that the district will be developed through collaboration

The construction stakeholders who are taking the initiative are HSB, Riksbyggen, Skanska, Peab, NCC, and Slättö. Rikshem, which manages rented housing, are also joining in. Municipal companies Umeå Energi, Upab and Vakin are also involved.

The district gets a name

The future district of Tomtebo strand, or Nydala Sjöstad as it was then called, is proposed. The five national stakeholders agree that the goal of developing Tomtebo Strand is to draft a sustainability program that engages and becomes a leading signpost that guides and ensures sustainable urban development. 

The idea was born

At a member meeting of the Network for Sustainable Construction in June 2016, a member stated that, "It would be nice if our CEO came to Umeå to inaugurate a sustainable construction project, instead of always going to other parts of Sweden." Read more about how the idea for Tomtebo Strand came about.

Three people are standing and talking in front of a construction site where a house is being built

From plan to reality

In parallel with the work on the detailed plan, intensive collaboration is currently underway between all construction companies, municipal companies, and Umeå municipality on topics such as sustainable energy solutions, mobility and service hubs for the sharing of goods, services, and sustainable transport, financing models, and traffic solutions. All of this is in line with the vision for Tomtebo strand and the sustainability program that has been developed.

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