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People are moving along the central pathway at the future Tomtebo strand.

About Tomtebo strand

Tomtebo strand in Umeå is a new sustainable neighborhood for people, homes, and businesses. It's an area close to Nydalasjön and the natural beauty of Kolbäcken, offering a secure welcome to the future. The neighborhood is being developed with innovation and care to facilitate a simple and sustainable life.

Three people are standing and talking in front of a construction site where a house is being built

What is happening at the moment

The detailed plan is planned to be adopted in 2023. Concurrently, work is underway to complete all project planning.

In 2024 or 2025, all infrastructure work is planned to commence, including roads and land preparations. The first phase of housing construction can begin in 2025 or 2026.

Aerial view over Tomtebo strand, showing the planned locations of all buildings and blocks

The history of Tomtebo strand

The development of Tomtebo Strand is a member initiative from the Network for Sustainable Construction and Real Estate Management in Umeå. 

Several national stakeholders were invited to contribute their experience and knowledge to the sustainability project. Together with the coordinator of the Network for Sustainable Construction, they developed a concept with the aim of contributing to Umeå becoming a world leader in sustainable urban development. 

Focus areas x five

Tomtebo Strand is being developed based on five key focus areas. 

Inclusive district

An inclusive neighborhood focusing on everyday life.

Places for everyone to meet

Which type of meeting place do you prefer? Sustainable and pleasant green spaces and water areas

Sustainable travel

How do you travel in your daily life? Sustainable mobility with people at the center..

Smart solutions

How do you use smart solutions? Sustainable and smart solutions.

Simpler everyday life

How do you make an impact? Engagement and participation for sustainability and success.

Tomtebo Strand 500X500 1

An international role model

Tomtebo strand will be a social, economic and ecological example where residents feel participation, pride and want to stay their whole lives. The district develops in unique collaboration and will become an international model for sustainable urban development and conscious lifestyle.

A dad stands by his child seated in a bicycle trailer

Created for tomorrow's opportunities

At Tomtebo strand, simply living with care for the environment and using resources like energy efficiently, while minimizing waste, goes a long way.

A great deal is about sharing. For example, heating and cooling. Smart systems enable heating and cooling to be directed to the houses and businesses that need it most just at that time. This also applies to recycling wastewater and smart solutions that make cycling the natural choice for even more trips.

An innovative collaborative project

Tomtebo strand is being developed in close collaboration between Umeå Municipality, private construction companies, and municipal enterprises

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Frequently asked questions

Tomtebo Strand has a strategic location close to both the university and hospital area with its dynamic labour market and Nydala's recreational facilities. The city centre is approximately 3 kilometres away.

Tomtebo strand is an area for everyone. There's room for you - at all stages of life. Whether you're moving away from home, in the midst of life, or selling your villa. Tomtebo Strand is also an area with a strong sustainability profile. The area is suitable for those who want to enjoy all the benefits it offers but also for those who want to get involved with others in the sustainable transition. 

In the first phase, 900 apartments are planned, and the companies that will be building are: HSB, Skanska, Riksbyggen, Rikshem, NCC, Peab, and Slättö

In the first phase, HSB, Riksbyggen, NCC, Skanska, Rikshem, and Slättö are planning to build apartments. There will be residences available with various tenancy forms such as rental apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. All expressions of interest are to be made to the respective companies. Contact information for each company can be found on the Contact page. 

The area will be developed over many years to come. The first phase with 1,000 residences is estimated to begin in 2025. A possible initial move-in date would then be in 2027. Construction of the second phase is estimated to commence in 2032. 

The district will be developed in phases and is estimated to be fully built out in approximately 20 years.

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