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People are moving outside the commercial quarters.

Work in a district that welcomes the future!

At Tomtebo strand, you'll find spaces for various types of businesses. Are you Tomtebo Strand's new hairdresser, café, bicycle repair shop, second-hand store, or florist? Here, you'll find modern, low-carbon footprint premises in a prime location, close to major workplaces with excellent connections to Umeå city center.

People are moving around the square, and Lake Nydala is visible in the background.
People moving along the street at the central pathway of Tomtebo strand.

Lively ground floors and modern offices

The commercial areas and business districts have been part of the planning of the area from early on. When shops, restaurants, and other businesses are mixed with residences, it creates a vibrant meeting place for far more than just the residents. 

Tomtebo strand will offer modern spaces for commercial services, offices, research, and education, among others. The commercial areas are planned to be 70,000 square meters in size.

Here, there will be opportunities for both those looking for something smaller and something quite large. The majority of these businesses will be located in a strategically visible location along E4–Kolbäcksvägen

A district is being born

Karta Tomtebostrand Umea ENG

Phase 1

In the first phase, approximately 900 residences are planned, including rental apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and commercial spaces. A new fire station, preschool, and the neighborhood park Sjötorget, which will serve as the entrance to Nydalasjön and Sjöparken, are also being constructed.

Phase 2

The second phase is estimated to commence in early 2032 and will include approximately 1,000 residences along with several parks such as Sjötorget, Kaninhålet, Kolbäcksskogen, and Vättarnas Park.

A group of children is standing with their bicycles.

A place for associations

Nydala is known for offering an active outdoor life. There are opportunities for associations that want to be active in the area or wish to co-operate with other stakeholders.

Interested in renting premises?

Here, you can see which actors are planning to build commercial spaces and offices. For more information and expressions of interest, read more on the respective actor's website or contact them directly.