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This is how Tomtebo strand will become sustainable

The sustainability program is the result of collaboration between Umeå Municipality, seven construction companies, and three municipal corporations. And we don't believe it's a coincidence that this is happening in Umeå – here, there is a long tradition of collaboration and trust. Together, we have created visions and goals for social, ecological, and economic sustainability and translated them into concrete strategies and plans for Tomtebo strand.

The program is based on the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals and Citylab's 17 goals for sustainable urban development. It covers the entire development period and is reviewed at each stage of development, emphasizing the importance of monitoring for learning and growth. The sustainability program provides an opportunity to make Tomtebo Beach an international model for sustainable urban development.

Goals and strategies

The sustainability program for Tomtebo strand encompasses social, economic, and ecological sustainability. The goals and strategies are divided into five focus areas.

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1. Do you know yout neighbor? An inclusive neighborhood with everyday life in focus.

This area focuses mainly on the people, the built environment and measures to create good social sustainability

–In Tomtebo strand it is possible to settle regardless of economic or social background.

– Tomtebo strand offers safe, equal, varied environments and invites to visit.

– Within Tomtebo strand there is a great social commitment and community.

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2. Which venue do you like? Attractive and sustainable green and water areas.

This area focuses primarily on how the green public environment (parks, nature areas, etc.) should be designed to create an attractive and pleasant environment, as well as measures to create a district that is also planned for a changed climate (eg more rainfall and warmer temperatures).

– The Nydala area will be developed for residential recreation and as a tourist destination.

– The nature of the coal basin area is a starting point for the design of Tomtebo strand.

– Tomtebo strand is a vibrant neighborhood where everyone can find their favorite place.

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3. How do you travel in everyday life? Sustainable mobility with humans in focus.

This area focuses mainly on travel patterns and transport to reduce our car dependency and how  Tomtebo strand is merging with the rest of Umeå.

– In Tomtebo strand, sustainable transport is the natural choice.

– Tomtebo strand has succeeded in reducing the proportion of transport for waste and goods deliveries.

–At Tomtebo strand, there are user-friendly solutions for sharing mobility services

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4. How do you use smart technolgy? Sustainable and smart enviromental solutions.

This area focuses mainly on technical solutions in the buildings to reduce energy use and consumption of resources. It also describes solutions for the overall technical infrastructure (energy, water, etcetra).

– Infrastructure is coordinated in flexible solutions (Optimized balance between small and large-scale solutions).

– It should be easy to do right.

– Tomtebo strand should be climate neutral in a life cycle perspective.

– Methods for learning and continuous innovation will be tested.

–Tomtebo strand is a resource-efficient and sharing neighborhood.

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5. How do you affect? Engagement and participation for success.

This area primarily focuses on how engagement and participation create sustainability and success. It emphasizes how openness and transparency generate value and the importance of both businesses and people at Tomtebo strand "owning" the vision and contributing to sustainability.

– Foster participation and engagement in the development of Tomtebo Beach for a sustainable neighborhood and sustainable solutions over time.

– Businesses contribute to Tomtebo Beach's vision and sustainability goals.

– Increase demand and readiness for a sustainable lifestyle.