A person is lying in a hammock in the forest by Tomtebo Strand, reading a book

New hammocks, kubb Games, and books to borrow!

We've just restocked our lending cabinets with new Kubb games and books for the summer vacation. New this year, we've also hung up three recycled hammocks, perfect for taking a break, listening to the birdsong, reading a book, or hanging out with friends.

These hammocks are creatively repurposed from old rag rugs. You'll find the lending cabinets and hammocks at the Tomtebo Strand Dialogue Place.

The future district of Tomtebo Strand is committed to being resource-efficient and sharing-friendly. We aim to make it easy for residents to make sustainable choices, for instance, through physical locations for sharing services. As a symbol of this and to inspire thought, we have placed boxes with Kubb games for Umeå residents to borrow. The borrowing rules are simple: borrow, have fun, return.

The lending cabinet is located at Dialogue Place Tomtebo Strand, along Olle Fiskares väg. There's also a book cabinet where Umeå residents have been sharing books with each other for a couple of years. Here is the location on Google Maps. 

Create Your Own Hammock
Feeling inspired to make your own hammock? Our best tip is to visit your nearest second-hand store or check out a flea market. You'll often find rag rugs at an affordable price.

Here's what you need:
A rag rug, preferably at least three meters long, but two meters will suffice. Two ropes, about three meters each, depending on where you want to hang the hammock.

How to do it:
Fold about 10 cm of the rug at both ends and sew with strong thread. You can use a sewing machine or sew by hand. Thread the ropes through the sewn hems at the ends and hang the hammock in a tree. Good luck!