An illustrated photo depicting how the commercial quarters at Tomtebo strand might look. People cycling on the bike path to and from the quarters.

The Detailed plan for Tomtebo strand is adopted

It's official now. The detailed plan for the district of Tomtebo Strand, which will be located between Nydalasjön and the university area, has been approved by the municipal council. The area will be an innovative district with space for 3,000 homes and 70,000 square meters for businesses, commerce, and services, with a focus on sustainability.

– This is one of the largest plans we have worked on in Umeå and it feels very good that we can now start this project. We have had a great collaboration with various construction actors for the development of the area, which has been very valuable. Although the project is large, we still have a housing shortage in Umeå and Tomtebo Strand is an important goal to increase the number of homes in Umeå municipality,” says Hans Lindberg (S), Chairman of the Municipal b oard.

The detailed plan allows for approximately 3,000 homes and 70,000 square meters of business space, with buildings that are mainly 3–6 stories high. The plan takes into account the importance of Kolbäcken and the green corridor, prioritizes sustainable modes of transport, and minimizes through traffic. A central route for public transport will connect the area and make it easily accessible.

After comments received during the review in the spring of 2022, the plan has been adjusted to improve the traffic situation, especially at Tomtebovägen and Tomteborondellen. Key changes include the expansion of the road area at Tomteborondellen, widening of the area around Kolbäcken, and adjustment of the placement of Bäckbron to protect the natural flow of the stream. A previously planned square at Tomtebovägen is now planned to be a park.

The development of Tomtebo Strand will take place in stages over approximately 20 years. The first thing to start with is infrastructure work and the new fire station. The first phase to be built includes 900 homes, a preschool, school, square, park, care and nursing home, and the main route for public transport.

When the detailed plan gains legal force, work will continue with the design of the infrastructure, how the common solutions such as mobility and energy systems will be designed, as well as starting the land allocation and distribution of the blocks in phase 1. All this will be done in collaboration between Umeå municipality, construction actors, and municipal companies.

During the municipal council meeting, an agreement between Umeå municipality and the Swedish Transport Administration regarding traffic solutions linked to Tomtebo Strand was also approved. The agreement includes the following measures:

  • New grade-separated intersection at today's Tomteborondell
  • New connection to Tomtebo Strand via Universitetsrondellen
  • A northbound exit from the planned fire station site
  • Widening of existing pedestrian and bicycle tunnels

About Tomtebo Strand
Tomtebo Strand is a new district in the growing city of Umeå. Located close to central areas of the city as well as surrounding forests and a lake, Tomtebo Strand will be a place where people of all ages thrive. The district is planned for mixed development for 7,000 residents and business districts. It is is characterized by holistic urban planning, innovative thinking and sustainability. Tomtebo Strand is developed in cooperation between Umeå municipality, Umeå kommun, HSB, NCC, PEAB, Riksbyggen, Rikshem, Skanska, Slättö, Umeå Energi och Vakin.